These are the tried and true, easy to order and customize for your needs. Prices negotiable depending on ingredients.

We can do lots more. Just ask!



Drop Cookies — everything from your basic chocolate chip to brown butter snickerdoodles.

Bar Cookies — brownies, blondies, rice squares, and jam bars

Decorated Cut-Outs — name a shape; let’s make it a cookie! Simple icings, great flavor.

Macarons (GF) — buttercream or jam-filled. Perfect for an afternoon tea or special occasion!

Madeleines — light sponge tea cookies, easily flavored

Shortbread — all butter, with many different flavors available


Fruit or Vegetable Loaf — zucchini, carrot, apple, pumpkin…oh, the possibilities!

Tea Bread — bara brith (Wales), barmbrack (Ireland), or selkirk bannock (Scotland)

Scones & Buns — plain, sweet, or savory

Yeast Breads — dinner or sweet rolls

Twisted Loaf — yeast-based dough with various fillings, twisted and baked to deliciousness. Think babka, cinnamon rolls, challah and couronne.

SAVORY BREADS ….. $7 plain, $10 flavored

Irish Soda Bread — whole grain, with or without fruit

Sourdough — from my own starter, based in rye flour. Great for toasting bread, baguette, or a hearty French miche. Easily flavored with herbs, olives, and cheese.

CAKES & PIES ….. $20–25

Swiss Roll — 12″ long, flavored sponge cake and homemade jam or curd

Pie or Tart — 9″, fruit fillings only

Pound Cake — large bundt or 9″ loaf. Your choice of flavor.

Victoria Sponge — 9″ round. Your choice of filling, although the Queen would insist on strawberry jam.

Strobel Family Gooey Chocolate Cake — a dark chocolate, super moist cake dusted with powdered sugar. One of my family’s legendary recipes!

Cupcakes — turn any cake, pie, or tart recipe into a cupcake. $15/dozen for full size cupcakes, $10/dozen for mini cupcakes.

Gluten-free, vegan, and low-sugar options available on certain items for an additional cost, due to the price of alternative ingredients. Please call or email so we can help accommodate your special requests!

As a home baker I adhere to the Ohio Cottage Food Law, which limits what kinds of baked goods I can produce. I am unable to do cheesecakes, custard pies/tarts, or other egg- or dairy-based bakes that require refrigeration.  More information from the Ohio Department of Agriculture can be found here.


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