I am a homegrown Ohio girl, with an international twist. I grew up outside of Cleveland but was quick to get out of town and go somewhere, anywhere, else. After finishing my undergraduate degree at THE Ohio State University, I moved to London to pursue my master’s degree and hopefully gain employment. As always, changes and opportunities arise, which in my case meant moving to New York City with my fiancee in 2006. We married in 2008 and spent the next seven years bouncing between North Carolina and New York, eventually finding ourselves on a path to return to the Buckeye State in 2015, right around the time our daughter was born. Since coming back, I have fallen in love with Columbus and am so proud to be in Ohio again. Funny how life goes, right?

OH Jenny Bakes is my way of combining several of my passions—food, history, travel, and family.  I am inspired by ingredients and the challenge of new techniques, but I also have a deep appreciation for family tradition and heirloom recipes. My bakes prioritize taste and texture over elaborate decoration, which may mean a slightly simpler finish in favor of a beautiful flavor profile. In search of elaborate cupcakes with fondant in the shape of succulents or layer cakes with ombre mirror glaze? Check out some of the other amazing bakeries in Columbus. Wanting the perfect tea party tower of treats or a special brunch dessert that tastes like how Grandma used to bake? I’m your girl. Let me bake something delicious for you.